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Pamela Good

Welcome to Good Skin Matters

Inclusive Transformative Skincare Membership with Pamela Good C.M.E. & Founder of Good Skin Matters

About Me

I discovered at a young age my purpose and future career as a caregiver and an artist.  I am a people person who enjoys serving others. 

Everything I have ever done has come full circle.  Working at the hospital caring for patients. Utilizing my love of art in creating beautiful healthy skin for daily and special occasions.  Teaching clients ways they can take the controls to provide clearer more hydrated skin. 

Why You Should Join Me

My goals are to provide practical information and share my experience and discuss your skin concerns making a difference in your skin today. 

Good Skin Matters brings women together who want an interactive experience accessing information about preventative measures and modalities to achieve clearer, healthier skin from head-to-toe. 

I am leading this charge because I have experienced problem skin since birth.  Realizing as well that naturally, beautiful skin starts from within.  Our nutritional health and diet reflect our overall health knowing supplements are the building block each day in the support for our skin. 

My goal is to share knowledge that adds value to you and your family. Providing processes and step-by-step instructions you can implement at home today.

I am a Licensed/Certified Medical Esthetician with over 25 years of experience in the beauty and wellness Industry. Beginning in Highschool and my first jobs in culinary art, modeling, performance, stage production, photography, and makeup application. In my 20's I received my Esthetician and Manicurist Licenses. I quickly discovered my love for corrective treatments. In my 30's I received my medical certifications. Over the years, I've opened a mobile clinic, a day spa, and my crown jewel, Good Skin Matters, in 2002. The signature treatments that I have created are called the GSM Solution.  Treatments are supported by professional products that work on the surface, muscular, and cellular levels. I have pivoted online Offering a book series, courses, and membership in this inclusive, interactive mighty network. 

A Big Thanks

I appreciate the opportunity to provide value.  Your trust and confidence means everything to me.  I am looking forward to seeing you.